Music & Song

Kim O’Leary
Based on a story by Prem Rawat. 

Executive Producer: Ray Belcher. 
Story development, storyboard, 
Producer: Dalit Fresco.
Music Producer: John Adorney.
A Dunrite Group Production.  

Original Artwork: Jose Morin. 
Animation: Steve Williams. 
Music, lyrics: Cara Tower. 
Voices: Daya, Cara Tower. 

The Owl and the Sun, by Cara Tower

Deep in the heart of the jungled wood
the thickened pines of darkness stood
their cloaks a safe heaven to a family of owls
where only the shadow of the moon dare prowl.

Till one day a swan flew through the break of the trees
and found a baby owl hemmed in by the leaves.
The owl cried: “Who are you, and from where do you come?”
“I am the swan, I can show you the radiant light of the Sun.
I journey the deserts, over the mountains I roam
I travel the earth, for the world is my home.

I fly with the dawn as morning light wings
across oceans and vast existence I sing.
Come with me as the Sun wakes up the world
Come with me as each veil of its breath unfurls.”

Colour, light, a ball of fire
the owl flew with the new wings of desire.
Till his mother’s words sank on his faith like a stone.
She said: “The Sun is no more alive than a river of bones
like folklore it doesn’t exist
but go ask your father, if you insist.”

“Father, father, I want to see the Sun
I want to play int he field where its golden rays run.”
“My poor boy,” was his father’s reply.
“There are no colours that light up the sky.
You’ll never find the sun if it doesn’t exist
but I’ll go to the elder owls if you persist.”

“Oh wise ones, it should come as no surprise
a swan has swooned my boy with lies
whimsical providence fills his head
illusions of light feather his bed.

“Tell your boy, tell him; tell your boy, tell him;
there’s no such Sun in existence,
no such heat spans the distance
no such warmth spills over the earth
there is no such dawn on a day’s rebirth.
Oh dawn of a day’s rebirth.”

The little owl scored the sky and cried like a homeless waif
broken as his rags of light lay torn beneath his faith

Beautiful swan why did you lie to me, I’m waiting impatiently
for the Sun to take flight, for a flake of its light
to shine through the pines, through the pines
for the warmtgh of its kiss, for a thread of its bliss
to shine through the pines, through the pines

Oh my boy, come here by me
we’ll wait in the towering trees
we’ll look to the sky, as doubt rolls by
and your’re safely gathered into thee
Wake up and see!

A flicker of light, through a crack in the dawn
shines in a dew-drop, as a new day forms
a whisper of blue, through a petal of green
a faint breath of rose over aqua-marine
Wake up and see!

The luminous palette that cradles the sky
the lavenders that blossom and fly.
Veils of pink weaving from orange to gold
in a sweeping moment of truth to behold
Oh whispers of blue …Behold!…

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