A Compilation of four-lined Poems

How can I plant flowers

in a garden full of weeds?

And even if they grow

how can I see them?

I witness the aqua-blue of ocean

against the cerulean-blue of sky.

They touch each other

with fond appreciation.

Cold sea water, all of me

immersed in salt and foam.

Autumn touches the morning light

and I feel refreshed, reborn.

Longing and longing and longing

for the depth of the ocean floor.

Where the breath of life steers us

past the crashing waves of the shore.

Once again I’m reminded

that feeling this breath of life

is my first joy: whatever else I seek

cannot compare to this.

In the aftermath of confusion

clarity is sacred.

In the midst of a tempest

the sun brings calm.

The immovable in me needs change

each day is ripe for gathering.

The heart thrives by flaming

the fire for the longing of love.

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