Prem Rawat

I’d like to introduce you to my teacher Prem Rawat (Maharaji) and try to capture some of the beautiful moments that I have experienced attending his live events and listening to his talks around the world. I have been a student for many years and received the gift of Self-Knowledge. Through the practice of a meditation that he showed me, I have been able to find that peace and fulfillment within myself.

The Perfect Instrument-Prem Rawat

The Perfect instrument that can play
the perfect notes of gratitude
of glory, of contentment, of satisfaction

There is no other instrument that can do this.
Other instruments don’t have the right KEYS

Don’t you realize how simple it is
to be given an opportunity to appreciate
to have a Human Body?

The most magnificent flute, be silent
You will hear playing in the heart of everyone

Oblivious to good, bad, right, wrong
It plays, this is Kindness redefined…

If you are interested to find out more, visit the following websites for more information. (Recent addresses by Prem Rawat, multi-platform media)  (Worldwide network, containing a wide variety of audio/visual materials and link to Learning More)  (To fulfill its mission of addressing the fundamental human needs of food, water and peace, The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF) has developed a variety of programs and initiatives: Peace for People initiatives – Peace Education Programs – Food for People – Special Aid projects) (Prem Rawat’s personal blog, sharing his interests and thoughts about life. Including a compilation of Press interviews and a Gallery of photographs tracing his speaking engagements around the world)

About Prem Rawat

On July 31, 1966, when he was only eight years old, Prem Rawat publicly expressed his determination to present the opportunity for personal peace to everyone in the world who wanted it.

Fifty years later, his commitment is unwavering.

Born in Northern India in 1957, renowned Ambassador of Peace Prem Rawat has addressed over 40 million people worldwide, at live events as well as on TV and radio. His talks have been translated into more than 75 languages, and he is regularly invited to speak at universities and prestigious international forums and events. He has accepted invitations from global business leaders, prison inmates, remote villagers in developing countries—whoever is eager to hear his message.

In 2001 he established The Prem Rawat Foundation to promote an understanding of individual peace as the basis of world peace, and to help people meet their fundamental needs for food, water—and peace. At present the foundation has programs and initiatives in 70 countries.

On July 31, 2016, the 50th anniversary of his lifelong efforts for peace, Prem Rawat launches TimelessToday as a vehicle to reach even more people around the world.

About the TimelessToday app:

Prem Rawat brings this timeless message to today’s world.

His TimelessToday app is the most convenient way of accessing and enjoying Prem’s content anywhere, anytime, whether you have just a few moments or more time on your hands. It’s free to install and use. Creating an account in the app will unlock extra features and is also free.

The app is already brimming with hours of free audio, video, and written content for you to enjoy, and it is packed with simple-to-use features and a very intuitive menu design. TimelessToday will offer additional free content regularly.

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