Within my womb lies the memory

of Mother – her passion

and perseverance in hard times

the architecture of a European culture

of the promise of fulfillment

taught by the old Master Socrates

A love of old things, arches,

stone walls, pianos and violins

plucking the strings of life’s crevices

I embrace this in the births

of my children, and now devote

my time to remembering.

A coloured collage of photographs and artwork designed in photoshop, titled ‘Becoming’…just seems appropriate as an introduction to my page ‘On Reflection’.

What I tried to express with this image is that our parents give us our platform in life, and open doors to the world and how we view it. And I was fortunate to have been given a ‘grand view’ of the potential of how our life can unfold. Both my mother and father died in an accident when I was 19 yrs of age, and at that age I may not really have appreciated the gifts they gave me by their presence. But as I grew older, I could see that what had been shared was a precious jewel that I carried with me all through my life.

Because I don’t intend to write about my story in chronological order, you as an audience will only get remnants of my story, which may not add up. Well, whose life really does anyway? Isn’t it all a mish-mash of events and experience?

My teacher Prem Rawat often talks about how this life is an ‘illusion, not really real’. I never really understood what this meant, but more and more I am understanding that when we wear a mask of the person we think we are, we are not really able to know our real self. We think the self has to do with all our achievements & failures, our good or bad health, our riches or poverty, our needs and desires… and we are busy trying to solve our problems because we think that by resolving our problems we can be happy! Unfortunately, the mind has a capacity to create new problems every minute of the day!

But there is another way of Being, of staying in the present moment, of letting the joy of our inner self, our heart, our intuition…guide us in life. I’ve been a student of Prem Rawat for many years, and still learning every day. It’s really wonderful to be able to focus for just a few moments in my day on something that is REAL, that is pure and joyful. Prem Rawat calls it Self-Knowledge, a meditation practice that allows you to feel the inner self, beyond all the thoughts, logic, analysis that is our daily practice.

To get back to my painting, or series of paintings on the same theme, it’s trying to connect the pieces, how precious those years are when your parents are alive and providing that safety net for one’s development. But somewhere in this journey of life we are guided to stand alone, to think for ourselves, to listen to our inner voice. And this journey is as sweet as the one we experienced with our parent’s support.

This could be my next painting in the series of ‘Becoming’.



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