Writing poetry is one thing. Images flow, language is fluid, and the line between truth and make believe is easily blurred. And yet it so often contains the seeds of truth..I find it much more difficult to write in narrative style, where you have to explain everything, and logic and heartfelt experiences can be mistranslate one’s story.

But I want to  learn this skill…and enjoy the process.

I’m back home after a ‘mega’ event at Amaroo (Sept 2017) with my teacher Prem Rawat. I camped for 8 days in the most luxurious caravan ( gifted by my youngest daughter Leila for usage during the event) and with much help of family members to transport me there and pick me-up, as well as three of my international friends with all their camping gear, suitcases etc.

They were long days, two events per day..plus extra  birthday party celebrating Prem’s 60th birthday.  It was a challenge for me to get around in my mobility scooter, and get back to the caravan for midday rests and lunch in a cooler environment (magical air-conditioning). Also I benefited greatly of having toilet facility inside the caravan…though showered in the bathroom facilities on site.

Wherever I went I met up with old friends, enjoyed the special care from the Special Needs team, and this time particularly I felt I needed that contact with other students who were also in wheelchairs and electric scooters. It was comforting to have a little family to share with.

Also, I had a group of friends who came to visit every day, and helped me with caravan maintenance where needed, and share a timely cuppa or a meal when it suited us. I loved these private moments.

We had the good fortune to sit close to the stage…and enjoyed being able to see Prem clearly. He looked absolutely stunning…no words to describe the joy I felt being in his presence. At times listening to his words became a priority, at other times I would simply allow myself to feel the depth of this LOVE that seemed all embracing. We had all been asked to send in our questions before the event, and though I had sent him my question, I didn’t expect Prem to call my name. When he did I was so deeply feeling this experience of JOY inside me, that I couldn’t speak! They say silence is the communication of the divine..and though he answered my question, I did not feel the need to reply.

But with my regular unreliable functioning of my ‘memory bank’ I made an effort to take some notes. And as I began to transcribe them when I got back home…the feeling of that calm, stillness and wisdom came back to me.

I am in recovery with my M.E. and need to take on the days with a simplistic rhythm of activities. The memory glitch I was experiencing on my morning’s wake-up call..is not as severe..and I love the feeling of being free to choose my day. To be in the day, to keep the ‘noise’ at bay. To allow each opportunity to find its own depth of experience, and not move too quickly to the next thought, idea, activity..

This joy and happiness is all around us.

I watched two young children enjoying shopping in the supermarket, and as we all met at the Stationary section, they advised me to get a particular kind of pen…which they claimed was the best! Eventhough I choose a cheaper brand, we smiled at each other, and that feeling of sharing and helping each other gave us all a feeling of joy.

I bought Prem’s books, The Splitting Arrow and The Pot with the Hole, whilst I was at the event, and when I got back home I was able to share my understanding of the merit of these books with my fellow Book Review members. They tried to compare them with other authors, I didn’t mind.

Then the joy of sharing with my friends , a tradition we’ve had for a good 10 years, where we spend a week together enjoying post-Amaroo stories, nibbles, chats about our lives, with long cups of coffees and teas. As if we’ve lived together our whole life. Strange how strangers can become so familiar!

I’ve been touched by flowing waters of love in abundance, and have needed a little extra time to treasure it on my own…Soon I won’t be able to contain it anymore, and will want to share it with others…!!!

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