Amaroo means ‘a beautiful place’ in Aboriginal language (Araluen)

Prem Rawat visiting the Pavilion at Amaroo (Ivory’s Rock Conference Centre) after a morning event at the Amphitheatre.

In the midst of the chaotic nature of our 21st civilization, our jobs, our relationships with family and loved ones, our existing or pending health problems, I stand and try to balance this LIFE and try not to lose myself. To be devoted to feeling the essence of who I am and to promote the better aspect of my personality. Often it’s done by mentally preparing myself through self-reflection, at other times by witnessing the thoughts that spread around me and through me whilst diving into silence.

In the preparation for attending an event at Amaroo (Ivory’s Rock Conference Centre, Peak Crossing) with my teacher Prem Rawat, I am consumed with organizing all the ‘things’ that I have to take care of to keep this body alive and well: wheelchair, mobility scooter, walking sticks, mattress topper, electric cover blanket, appropriate clothing etc…..then the essential food items and natural products & medicine.

I spend months preparing to help my friends from overseas to be able to camp on site, making sure they are as comfortable as possible. I arrange with rental companies, my friends or my children to rent or borrow a caravan, and organize transport for caravan and mobility scooter to and from the event site. I organize my Telstra Sym card so I can stay in touch with family and friends onsite during my stay at Amaroo. The planning and organizing takes up all of my attention. At times it seems overwhelming, and I falter in my resolve.

But the memory of past experiences with my teacher quickens my resolve and allays my doubts. Everything we seem to do to prepare ourselves for this 5-day event allows us to be closer to that experience of being with him, being able to focus and listen to his words, feeling the joy of being enveloped in his laughter, learning to see through different coloured glasses. As if TIME stands still, past and future melt into the ‘present moment’, and the soul’s longing for the deepest, purest feeling of peace is fulfilled.

Each day unfolds with uniqueness. Meet-ups with friends feel like drops of water flowing into an ocean of community. Differences disappear, laughter becomes effervescent, the wheels of my mobility scooter ride a journey that’s covered with rose petals. The ride up to the amphitheatre camouflages the bumpy ride along the dirt track. All of me is focussed on only one goal – to be close to that LOVE, that wisdom. Life becomes simple, no duality, just listening, meditating, eating and sleeping, and immersed in a world of feeling loved.

And as the event retreats, and we go homeward bound, we experience the thrill of connecting with our friends and sharing our stories. Sometimes complaining about the practical things that didn’t go so well, yet we try to hold onto that feeling of simplicity and inner joy.

Then comes the time when I’m alone again, and I gather the jewels of inner knowledge that have been planted by his presence, and find the renewal of the Self that loves the challenge of setting out into a new freedom, meeting with new experiences that excite us, teach us, and nourish us.

Each day becomes unique, each moment of gratitude longs for a revival.

I stand with mask on my two wheeled chariot and greet the uncertainty of the moment, as I step into the day’s existence.


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