The Xmas Season and New Year blast off has passed, and we’re offered another year, day … to enjoy this Life! Haven’t made any resolutions yet, but a big tidy up, sorting through things that need fixing, clearing, filing…new projects on the way…always an exciting time to prepare for the next chapter. It has been getting warmer here on the Sunshine Coast, but nothing like the Ipswich weather…..but fortunately I have access to air-conditioning and keep my Office area cool enough to be able to use do my work. At the same time to make sure that I don’t overbook myself and continue to have plenty of time for ‘PLAY-TIME’ —-swimming, riding along the ocean shores, coffee by the sea and chatting to passers by.

I’ve also  been streamlining my ongoing projects with my artwork and writing. Excited about all the opportunities that living in Golden Beach offers me every day. We’ve just had another Art Exhibition at the Caloundra Art Centre…”Unite, Inspire, Paint” and it’s always wonderful to play a small part in exhibiting my artwork. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to take any photos this time.

  1. Sunrays 2. Flower Montage 3. Parisian Mood


Also full of excitement about the new Livestreams with Prem Rawat that have been made available around the world, a royal invitation to hear Prem speak in one’s own home. Also the launching of the new mobile phone APP… where new material is being posted every day. (Will add some more information on the Prem Rawat page)

Big news: My grand-daughter Felicia gave birth to a little girl, her name is Isla Jaqueline Belson..beautiful little darling girl, we are all so happy to greet her into our family of love, even her 3 brothers who thought they wanted another boy…are mesmerised by her!

  1. Felicia (Grandaughter) and Damien with her clan
  2. The three boys and Isla : Chester, Blair and Slater
  3. Astrid (Groot-Oma) and Isla
  4. My daughter Suzanne, Astrid and Felicia with Isla
  5. Isla Jaqueline Belson
  6. Suzanne and Neil (Grandparents) and Damien and Felicia with Isla

My garden is barely surviving with the warmer weather, but amazingly enough a few of the plants are robust enough to survive! The paw-paw trees love the warmth, need plenty of water, and I ate my first Pawpaw a few days ago…wow, delicious! Lettuce is still thriving, Cucumber vine not willing to die just yet, Passionfruits going wild, Yomatoes are insect ridden since the warmer weather…Will post some photos later…

The website has now been fine-tuned with the help of my niece Astrid Kuenne, and we are ready to explore all the opportunities that it provides for my painting and writing adventures.

Happy New Year to you all, Astrid Tholens




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